"Explizit Einsam" - German Gothic Electronic Darkwave with black romantic gloomy lyrics! In 2017, the new album "Immanenz" was released as Digital Download, an album that reunites Dark Wave, Gothic and electronics.

In 1992, "Explizit Einsam" was founded. Composer and singer "Andreas Ohle" presents a confusing picture of feelings and emotions. In the foreground is a chant that is combined with classical and electronic music. The music of "Explizit Einsam" is about interpersonal issues such as love, hate, sorrow, pain, the knowledge of mortality, the suffering of existence and reveals a dark world.

2004 they released the first official CD "Auf Ewig" at SX Distribution. "Auf Ewig" is a darkly romantic special experience "Explizit Einsam" create here a depressed and melancholy apocalyptic mood. The response to the CD has been very positive. Interviews appeared in Zillo, Astan and Black. This was followed by compilation contributions for the magazines "Dark Spy" and "Astan".

In spring 2008 "Explizit Einsam" released a second CD "Reflexion:Unendlich". An album that try to show the vulnerability of the people and gives a deep insight into the human psyche.

2011, there was an interview and a song contribution in the "Nachtaktiv Magazine". This was followed by participation on the DVD "Gothic Visions 3" from EchoZone. Since 2012 Explizit Einsam publish their albums only as download and stream on the label Youtunez / Manufaktur.

The website is now online, and websites at and with more information and MP3s. Bittersweet, dark and disturbing, and lost in thought offer "Explizit Einsam" for a short time a peek into their black romantic world for those who know ...

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